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Our flagship managed service has two options. For organizations with a SIEM, we offer the full focus of our team of expert threat hunters. For those looking to simplify SIEM management, we offer a targeted cloud-based technology offering. It all depends on what your organization needs.

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Expert Threat Hunter Solution

First, our team will first complete a full assessment of your SIEM. Then our analysts work with your stakeholders to strengthen it by mapping priorities and developing reports & alerts that are 100% relevant to your cyber security operations. Our team performs ongoing customized 24x7 threat analysis, monitoring and alerting but data never leaves your network as all our analysis is done on your devices, using secure connections. We integrate with existing systems and provide ongoing content refining, anomaly detection and pattern discovery.

Cloud-Based Technology Solution

Our cloud-based offering provides robust, reliable security while simplifying management of SIEM technology. You don’t need any hardware on premise. Simply install agents and we work with the data you send us to keep your organization safe. Our pay-per- use model gives you the flexibility to grow or shrink your data analytics capabilities without major capital investment or licensing penalties - all without suffering any drop-off in performance. For expanded security, we offer additional outsourced threat hunting services.

Seekintoo: Security Intelligence Service
Our Threat Hunting Methodology

Our analysts follow an iterative hunting methodology that you can't find anywhere else in the industry so over time your cyber security is strengthened and the noise of false threats is minimized.

We refine our methodologies in real-time based on our global cyber security work, so you are always getting the most sophisticated, leading-edge protection available in the industry, and the actionable intelligence you need to protect your organization.


We have flexible options for all organizations. Explore the plans and pricing models below for the one that best suits your needs.

STEP 1: Choose Plan
Cloud Scale DS
  • Zero-Touch SIEM Maintenance & Operations
  • 24/7 Support
  • Encrypted Storage & Backup
  • Stable SIEM Features
  • Retention Varies based on Event Volume

    *SIEM License Not Included
$0.32 / GB / Day
Cloud Scale Basic (MT)
  • Multi-Tenant Instance
  • 24/7 Enhanced Support
  • Encrypted Storage & Backup
  • Newest SIEM Features
  • 2 Years Seamless Data Retention
$2.78 / GB / Day
Cloud Scale D
  • Cloud Scale Basic
  • Dedicated Instance Instead of Multi-Tenant
  • SLA Metrics
  • New SIEM Features
$2.86 / GB / Day
Cloud Scale DR
  • Cloud Scale D
  • Geo-Redundant Availability
  • Stable SIEM Features
$3.09 / GB / Day
STEP 2: Add Threat Hunting Plan (Optional)
TH Basic
  • Monthly Threat Report
  • Executive Metrics Dashboard
  • Shared Analyst In Business Hours
  • Automated Use Cases & Alerts
  • 24/7 Analyst Coverage
+$0.09 / GB / Day
TH Intelligent
  • TH Basic
  • Advanced Use Cases & Pro-Active Tuning
  • Premium Threat Intelligence Feeds
+$0.14 / GB / Day
TH Respond
  • TH Intelligent
  • Premium Incident Response & Coordination Services
+$0.24 / GB / Day
TH Dedicated
  • TH Intelligent
  • Dedicated Analyst In Business Hours
  • Includes Premium Integration

    * Over 250 GB/Day Only
+$0.45 / GB / Day
STEP 3: Get A Quote

Our variety of service models and pricing options ensures you can find the solution that gives you both the flexibility and security your organization needs.

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Why Choose Seekintoo

Actionable Intelligence
Actionable Intelligence

Augmenting SIEM outputs with expert human analysis, we deliver relevant, meaningful security data and insightful reviews of all generated data and threats.

Collaborative Approach
Collaborative Approach

Our clients are our partners and from day one we take their organization’s security as seriously as our own. No matter the question, concern or threat, we’re there to assist.

Unmatched Security
Unmatched Security

Our expert team of security analysts provides an initial analysis and assessment of your SIEM and ongoing, evolving support to mitigate the ever-shifting threat landscape.