Technology Alone Won’t Keep You Safe.

Seekintoo brings industry-leading security experts and methodologies to protect your vital information, assets & infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity, and only cybersecurity

The only constant in information technology is change, cybersecurity doubly so. Seekintoo is a pure play cybersecurity services company dedicated to enabling secure digital business. There is no magic appliance, or one size fits all product for any organization. What we provide is a deep and thoughtful understanding of your ongoing digital transformation goals. At Seekintoo, we focus on continuous improvement over time by leveraging the skills and research capabilities of our team.

Building Cyberbridges

A cybersecurity program requires constant monitoring. Not only by analyzing machine generated data, but also through the review of your ongoing security strategies and tactics. The threat landscape changes so rapidly that there is no ideal “snapshot” of a mature cybersecurity organization. The metric is maintenance. 

We can compare security to a physical bridge. The completion of a bridge construction project is a feat; however, this is only the first step. Civil and structural engineers perform ongoing testing to monitor and test the safety and stability of that structure; looking with expert eyes and tools for imperceptible cracks or defects that, which left unchecked, will eventually result in catastrophic failure.

Seekintoo provides the expert eye for your cybersecurity program. It doesn’t matter what size of bridge you’re building, we’re there to make sure we catch problems before they become failures.

Persistent and intelligent threats require persistent and intelligent protection

Your cybersecurity isn’t just about who should and shouldn’t be on your network, it’s a collaboration between our talented teams and yours. Making sure that you are both protected and informed about the current threat landscape.

Our Services

No matter how sophisticated your cyber security operations, Seekintoo’s industry-leading team can help strengthen your defenses against hackers and industrial espionage, and cut through the noise of endless data and alerts.

Security Intelligence Service
Managed Cybersecurity Operations Center

Seekintoo’s managed CYBERSOC allows you the freedom to make risk-based decisions without being dragged into the thick of product selection, intelligence gathering, and threat hunting.  Leave the heavy lifting to us

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SOC Consulting
Advanced Penetration Testing

Our expert ‘anti-hackers’ will verify the effectiveness of your current security controls, digital or human, and provide customised recommendations to keep your organization resilient to attacks.

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Security Assessment & Incident Response
Risk Management Consulting and Advisory Services

Legislation and regulations are constantly changing. Seekintoo’s advisory team works directly with you to ensure compliance regardless of where you do business, and mitigate your loss exposure in the event of a breach.

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Dedicated professionals when you need them

Seekintoo’s team of cybersecurity professionals know that a reliance on technology is not a cure-all. Managing diverse machine data sources and coordinating remediations/escalations with responsible teams provides the most effective response. We bring the skills and experience from each incident, problem, and new situation we’ve encountered as an opportunity to provide our customers with an ever-rising bar of service.

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